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Welcome to OrbusVR! To ensure a pleasant and high quality experience for all players, we require you to abide by the following rules while playing the game.

Failure to follow these guidelines can result in temporary suspension or permanent termination of your account with us.

Rules and Guidelines

Rules pertaining to character names

Naming your character is a key, very personal part of your gameplay experience, as your avatar represents who you are in our virtual world. Choose a name that suits you and that others will come to admire or even envy. We also ask that you NOT choose a name that:

  • Has sexually explicit or suggestive themes.
  • Slurs of any kind towards about person or group.
  • Contains or suggests bigotry or hate speech.
  • Impersonates OrbusVR staff or other players.

Not following the official OrbusVR Naming_Policy can result in your Level 20 Surname request being revoked.

Rules pertaining to Voice and Text Chat and player behaviour

OrbusVR features built-in voice and text chat which you are encouraged to use to communicate with other players while in the game. We hope that you take advantage of these features to make new friends, organize groups, and generally enhance your gaming experience. However, please keep in mind the following rules:

  • You may not insult, harass, or threaten other players. This includes but is not limited to; repeatedly sending unwanted messages, sending messages of a sexual nature, and bringing unwanted attention to a player.
  • You may not use offensive, discriminatory or degrading language towards a person or group based on race, gender, sex, orientation, religion, and other personal identities.
  • You may not repeatedly violate another player’s personal space and make offensive gestures towards them.
  • You may not spam or flood messages or proximity voice chat. This includes but is not limited to; repeatedly sending messages or party/fellowship/friend/trade requests, making extremely loud noises for no reason, and broadcasting audio from third party sources into the game.
  • You may not impersonate any other player or members of the OrbusVR staff.

Rules pertaining to Gameplay

OrbusVR is a social experience where working together (and sometimes against) other players is a large part of playing the game. As such, we encourage you to play in a fair way that does not give you an unintended advantage over other players.

  • You may not exploit bugs or undocumented features in a way to gain any advantages over other players. If you discover such an exploit, you must communicate with the OrbusVR team to report it.
  • You may not use cheats or unauthorized software (such as scripts, bots or macros) in a way to gain an advantage over other players. Modifying any of the official game files, including the game client, is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in a permanent account ban.