Naming Policy

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Your Character's name can not:

  • Contain numbers or spaces.
  • Be a nonsense string of characters or intentionally unpronounceable, for example: "Asadfasdfsfa" or "Hffldrff".
  • Insultingly refer to other characters, players, OrbusVR staff, or groups of people, either in game or external.
  • Attempt to impersonate a real-life person that you are not, or well-known fictional character, such as a celebrity, Dev Team member, or "Gandalf"; or a well-known NPC from OrbusVR, such as "Khabor."
  • Reference things that a reasonable person would find offensive, including (but not limited to): illegal activities, racial or ethnic disparagement, misogynistic sentiment, "swear" words, extremely violent real life actions or violent sexual acts, pornographic terms, etc.

If your name violates any of the rules above, it is considered a violation of the Terms of Service, and as such we may ask you to rename your Character, or even ban you if you persist in breaking the Name Policy.

In addition, we would prefer that your Character's name:

  • Resemble a name that a person would reasonably use, as opposed to something that looks like an online username. For example, "Toras", "John", and "Byrgham" are all great. "xxBadgerKillerxx", "AOneHunter", and "QwertyKing" are online screennames.
  • Not contain a title within the name, for example "SirBearington" or "LadyMcBeth".
  • Not contain sentences or phrases, such as "DieDieDie" or "KillAllHumans". Compound words that make sense for the setting such as "Giantslayer" are acceptable.
  • Not use excessive capitalization. For example, "McGrew" is fine. "SnIpEr" is not so great.
  • Not use accented characters just to get around the "same-name" restriction. For example, if "John" is already taken, don't make "Jøhn" just as a loophole.

If your Character's name violates any of the suggestions above, we will not take any direct action to make you change it. We understand that some people are really just attached to their existing MMO usernames and if that's what is most important to you having a good time, then that's fine.

Finally, we will at our discretion grant a Surname to your character once it reaches the maximum level in at least one Battle Discipline. All surnames are granted at our discretion, and will only be granted to characters that follow the complete naming policy (including the suggestions). Once granted, a Surname cannot be changed.