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The OrbusVR Wiki is a community effort to document information about the game to make it easier to play. Anyone with an active OrbusVR can contribute to it. Note that you must be logged in on the main OrbusVR site to be logged in on the Wiki with edit permissions.

Wiki Rules

The rules for the Wiki are pretty straightforward. In addition to abiding by the base OrbusVR Terms of Service, you should endeavor:

1. To avoid spoiling the game for others. This isn't meant to be a "WoWHead" style site where every quest, puzzle, and dungeon has a step-by-step solution provided. It's fine to document the lore of the game world in general (such as important people and places), and to provide basic information like how to reach a dungeon, where a puzzle quest begins, or how to get an item in the game that is needed. But please use spoiler tags liberally! This is a general guideline and we'll work together to refine it down to a bright line, but for now just err on the side of keeping the secrets in the game a secret.

2. Only post official information that the developers have released about the game, not speculation. It's fine to draw obvious conclusions or piece together things based on multiple statements, but avoid jumping to grand conclusions based on your own desires for the game.

Usage Examples

Anything lore-wise is great, and anything that's a generally-known fact that you would be told during an in-game tutorial is fine, but anything that is like a strategy for beating a monster, or hidden gameplay you have to discover on your own, would not be included.

You can add information about any item in the game (e.g. a piece of gear, a creature, an ingredient, a potion, a fish, etc.). Its entry can contain lore-related information about it but no strategy information.

Monster Example: "Wyvern", make a note of the fact that they are attracted to fire and are known to occupy the ever-burning forest known as the Wenderwood. But you wouldn't include specific ability details regarding damage details, frequency or strategies on how to deal with them.

Gear Example: "Sword of 1000 Truths", Ancient sword given to the one who will defeat the great evil. +12 Attack, +2 Magical Defense. Acquired via the quest "Search for Truth." But you wouldn't put "Here is a 20-step guide on how to complete the quest 'Search for Truth.'

Item Example: "Greater Healing Potion", "Heals the imbiber to full health instantly." I'm not sure if you'd put the required ingredients or not because I haven't designed the Alchemy profession enough yet to know how the recipes are discovered. But if it's something where the recipes are obvious and given to you in-game right away, then they would be fine to put on the Wiki. If it's something where the recipe has to be 'discovered' then you wouldn't include it.

Class Example: "Runemage". You could include lore about how the Runemage casts spells using the Words of Power. You could include basic information about how to play a Runemage (e.g. "Press the trigger, draw, cast"). And I think it would even be fine to include all the publicly-disclosed spells that we've already talked about because those are spells you're just going to be taught by the game anyway as part of the class (e.g. it's no big secret how to cast Fireball). However, there might be other spells that are fun cantrips that let you for example cast Fireworks into the sky, and those are something that you discover on your own by reading a rock in a certain area of the world. That would be something not to include.

Using Spoiler Tags

To hide a spoiler, use the following code:

<spoiler>This is a secret!</spoiler>