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| align="center" | '''Bosses'''
| align="center" | '''Bosses'''
| align="center" valign="top" | [[Crab]] • [[Dragonbug|Fire Bug]] • [[Forest Golem]] • [[Pigman|Pigman(Adolescent)]] • [[Redtail]] • [[Spider]] • [[Spirit]] • [[Wolf]] • [[Wyvern]]  
| align="center" valign="top" | [[Crab]] • [[Dragonbug|Fire Bug]] • [[Forest Golem]] • [[Pigman|Pigman(Adolescent)]] • [[Redtail]] • [[Spider]] • [[Spirit]] • [[Wolf|Wolf/Skull Wolf]] • [[Wyvern]]  
| align="center" valign="top" | [[Elk|Deer Guardian]] • [[Pigman|Pigman(Adult)]]
| align="center" valign="top" | [[Elk|Deer Guardian]] • [[Pigman|Pigman(Adult)]]
| align="center" valign="top" | [[Elongata]] • [[Rock Golem]] • [[Stone Crab]]
| align="center" valign="top" | [[Elongata]] • [[Rock Golem]] • [[Stone Crab]]

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Welcome to the OrbusVR Community Wiki

This is the community resource for sharing information about the upcoming VRMMORPG OrbusVR by Ad Alternum Game Studios.

OrbusVR is the first MMO designed from the ground-up for room-scale virtual reality. It's currently in-development for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift + Touch. It has been in development since 2016, completed a successful Kickstarter campaign in March 2017, and is currently scheduled to enter Early Access in December 2017. It is being developed by a team lead by Riley Dutton, who previously co-founded the online tabletop service, Roll20.

Please visit the main site, check out the forums, and come chat with us on Discord! A comprehensive list of community resources is available. Also, please remember that OrbusVR is still fairly early in development and nearly everything described here is subject to change.

If you have information to share with the OrbusVR community, consider adding it today! Before making any contributions, please familiarize yourself with this wiki's editing rules.

Gameplay Guide

First time playing OrbusVR? Start with the Getting Started Guide!

General Gameplay Battle Disciplines Gathering Disciplines
Getting StartedCharacters • Communication • Equipment & Inventory • Pets
 Testing SchedulePatch NotesSolving Technical IssuesPlaying On Oculus
Musketeer • Ranger • Runemage • Warrior • Future Disciplines Alchemy • Artificing • Fishing
Exploring Adventuring PvP
Player CompassPlayer TradingMerchant StallsPlayer Housing Quests • Parties • Fellowships • Loot • Travel • Death Organized PvP • Open World PvPPvP Arena

The World of OrbusVR

The World Notable Locations Factions
World Overview • Dungeons • Lore Highsteppe • Cenn's Farm • Narrow Orchard • Airship Outpost • Wenderwood • River Fort • Fishing Hut The Order of M'aatBrothers of ScienceExplorer's LeaguePatreayl KnightsThe GuildThe Exiled
Monsters Elite Monsters Bosses
Crab • Fire Bug • Forest Golem • Pigman(Adolescent) • Redtail • Spider • Spirit • Wolf/Skull Wolf • Wyvern Deer Guardian • Pigman(Adult) Elongata • Rock Golem • Stone Crab
Critters Items
Sheep Chest • Hands • Head • Shoulders • Weapons • Crafting Ingredients

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