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Hidden deep within Wenderwood Forest lies the small village of Wenderwood. Located in one of the most dangerous parts of the Patreayl Midlands, Wenderwood is surrounded on all sides by danger. The people of Wenderwood are constantly fending off the attacks of the Wolf Shaman in the south-east.

Due to this constant threat, a real need for steady nerves has given rise to Wenderwood's most famed export - Wenderwood Whiskey. Distilled in the neighboring township of The Twins the Whiskey is then shipped to Wenderwood where it is aged in barrels made from local trees and imparted with a complex flavor profile as well as quite the kick.

Wenderwood is looked after by the noble house of Wender, which is struggling as of late. Lord Rudolf Wender is its sole survivor and he has a dangerous habit of leading the local Wolf Hunters into battle.

Wenderwood is a small town near the ever-burning forest which is densely populated with Wyverns.

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