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Movement Modes


The default locomotion is Teleportation. Just press down on the Trackpad (on the Vive) or the A/X button (on the Rift) to bring up a green line, then let go to teleport. You will notice a grid building up, showing how far you can teleport. The longer you wait, the farther you can teleport.

Note that the controller you use for teleporting is the opposite hand of your weapon slot. So if you put your Bow in your left hand (the default), you use your right hand to teleport. If you put your Runemage wand in your right hand (recommended for right-handed folks), then you would use your left hand to teleport.[1]


In addition to the Teleportation locomotion, you can turn on Trackpad locomotion in your Player Menu. Once this is active, you use the trackpad (on the Vive) or the thumbstick (on the Rift) of your teleportation hand to move around. Just touch the pad/stick toward the top to move forward or bottom to go backward. The farther from the middle you touch, the faster you go. You will travel in whatever direction your controller is facing. Note that once you are in combat, you can only Teleport, and Trackpad locomotion will resume once combat ends.[2]

Getting Stuck

If you get 'stuck' in combat (which can happen sometimes), and your Trackpad locomotion won't work, there is an option in the Player Menu that says 'Stuck in Combat', press that and it will fix the bug. We're still trying to track that one down.[3]

Front-Facing Setup Support

If you're using a front-facing (instead of 360-degree) setup, there's a new option in the Player Menu called "Tracking Type." Set that to Front Facing. Once you've done that, you can press the joystick left or right to turn.[4]


"Yeah we will definitely eventually do mounts at some point. Not sure if it will be pre-Beta or not though."[5]


There is an airship in the game now that acts as a taxi. There is currently a port at the starter village, and a port near the Lakewood Inn. To board the airship, just wait for it to come to the dock, then a bridge will extend out to the ship with a "teleportation hotspot" that appears on the bridge (like going up or down the stairs). Just use that to board the ship, and do the same thing at the other end to get off.[6]



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