The Travelling Brothers of Science

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The Travelling Brothers of Science are an ancient Order of academics that formed during the early years of the Guild Age. They came together with the purpose to explore the world of Täella-Oso and learn as much as they could about it in the realms of history, science, biology, physics, mathematics, astronomy… the list goes on.

Initially, the Brothers operated like a nomadic tribe, moving from city to city, town to town, gathering information, as well as other academics to their fold. Eventually however, they began to grow so big and influential that they built a base of operations. The University on University Island in Guild City. From here they conducted most of their research, sending out scouts to discover hidden talents among the populace to come and join them and train under them.

A Brother who became a teacher at the University took on the title of Monestere and were granted as much Dram and time they needed to further their studies into whatever it was that interested them.

The Travelling Brothers of Science have become a bit of a shadow of their former self in recent years. They now sit firmly under the control of the Order, and their studies are restricted to things that the Order allows. They have however opened their fold to female academics, causing many to question whether the name “The Travelling BROTHERS” needs to be changed.