The Order of Ma'at

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After the closing of Täella-Brüha at the hands of the Fanatics of Ma’at, the world fell into a complete disarray.

Into this void of power stepped Toras Ryll. Realizing his previous actions as the head of the fanatics had played his faction off as violent, crazed terrorists, Toras converted his growing cult of followers into the holy Order of Ma’at, a formal religious organization which held the central belief that anything “chaotic” was evil and only strict order was holy and deserving of Ma’at’s blessings.

The Order quickly rose to power through fear and offering the confused and terrified people a set of rules and structures to follow. They established rituals and sacraments, such as confession, penance, and tithing. Vilifying the small period of Janist (see Janism) history as a False Enlightenment they established the Age of Order or the true enlightenment and persecuted those Janists that had survived until they were no more.


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