Sir Petyr

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Name: Petyr the Bastard

Title: Sir Petyr of the Bastard Sons

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Occupation: Fugitive villager turned Knight for the Patreayl Knights

Culture: Patreaylin

Background: Sir Petyr is a bastard. Unlike the other Knights of Patreayl, he has no connection to any of the noble families of the Midlands, nor any of their servants either. Petyr was born to lowly farmers in The Twins and spent most of his childhood in poverty. He was however, quick on his feet, resilient and ambitious. These traits drew the attention of a travelling Knight who trained Petyr as his squire during his teenage years. Once Petyr graduated to becoming a true Knight himself at age 20, he quickly built a name for himself as Sir Petyr of the Bastard Sons – becoming a kind of patron saint to young men whom were born bastards. Petyr became quite a well-known Knight, primarily for his good heart. During his squiring years he became good friends with Lord Markos Rünvale and when Markos rebelled against the Order, Petyr, almost by nature became a fugitive alongside his friend. He became Markos’s right-hand man and chief strategist.

Present Situation: Petyr is hiding out naer his home town of the Twins, where he is secretly rallying people to the cause by sowing seeds of descent among the peasants.

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