Sir Oscar Hulthine

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Name: Oscar Hulthine

Title: Sir Oscar of the Hulthine Vale

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Occupation: Knight belonging to the rebel order of The Patreayl Knights.

Culture: Patreaylin

Background: The youngest son of the Hulthine lineage, Oscar is considered the black sheep of the family. The Hulthine’s, are a noble family dwelling in The Twins, claiming to be descendants of the ancient hero Hulthine who conquered the wilds of Patreayl. Oscar is the youngest of five brothers, all whom have gone on to become Enforcers for the Order of Ma’at. Oscar on the other hand, since he was a child has always been different. More interested in books and music than swordplay, it was a mission for his father to get him to pick up a sword and learn how to defend himself in battle. Somewhere along the line, through his readings, Oscar came to the realization that the Order of Ma’at may not be as honorable as it presents itself to the world. He became a believer in a communist political and economic viewpoint in stark contrast to his family. In Oscar’s personal life, although quite handsome, he was never particularly popular with women, and there had been several questions of where his "loyalty" lay, which were only exasperated by his close camaraderie with his male servants. Eventually, Oscar neared an age where he was sent out from his family’s estate to make his own way in the world, which was a younger age than all his brothers (potentially due to a sense of embarrassment felt by his father). Oscar spent a short amount of time working, like his brothers, as an Enforcer for The Order of Ma’at in Guild City, but that quickly changed. Sent out to track down a dangerous band of rebels known as The Patreayl Knights, Oscar found his men slaughtered in an ambush and he, himself, kidnapped by the Knights. When it was discovered who his family was, he was brought before the leader of the Knights- Markos of Rŭneval, who intended to use Oscar as a bargaining chip to gain the support of the Hulthine family.

Journeying to The Twins, the Patreayl Knights set up camp near Oscar’s father’s estate in Hulthine’s Pass. They demanded that Lord Derek Hulthine provide the Patreayl Knights with weapons and gold adequate for them to take on The Order. Predictably, Lord Derek refused, resulting in a stand-off between the Knights and the nobles. During this time, Oscar was held prisoner by Markos within his tent, and treated rather well. Markos had taken a liking to the young Enforcer, impressed by Oscar’s wits, integrity and of course, his good looks. After a week of this stalemate, word was received that Lord Derek had sent for help from the Enforcers in Guild City, and it wouldn’t be long before an army arrived to destroy the Knights. Oscar during this time was converted to the Patreayl Knights cause, and during the night before The Enforcers were due to arrive, escaped the camp and snuck into his old home. Finding his father, he pleaded with the man to help the Knights, tried to explain that the Order was evil, but his father would not listen, and in the commotion, Oscar strangled his father. With Lord Derek now dead, Oscar let the Knights into the estate to take what they wanted and then fled with them into the Greater Lucian Wilds before the Order could arrive with his Enforcer brothers at the helm. Oscar became through this act, an outcast guilty of patricide. He rose quickly in the ranks of the rapidly growing Knights of Patreayl.

Present Situation: His location is presently unknown, though he is thought to be hiding with the Patreayl Knights, planning their next attack to overthrow the Order.

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