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Name: Markos Druadere

Title: Sir Markos of Rŭneval

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Occupation: Fugitive and current leader of the Patreayl Knighthood.

Culture: (Exiled) Citizen of the Ottathamine Empire. Descendent from the Octophian tribes.

Background: Markos Druadere began his life far from the mountainous country of Patreayl, amongst the smaller towns of the Ottathamine Empire where he was an orphaned child living in the Empire’s largest orphanage. Even at a young age, Markos stood out. He was charismatic, intelligent and good with a sword, so when the visiting noble Lord Rŭneval and his wife sought a child due to a barren womb, Markos was picked out from the crowd and sailed away to Patreayl where he started his new life living in the province of Narrow Orchard. When he was ten however, Lord and Lady Rŭneval were still desperately wanting a child of their own blood and so they visited in secret, the Master Wise One near Lake Susannah, who after some deliberation healed Lady Rŭneval of her barrenness. Nine months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Ethan. Markos became from that point on a kind of black sheep to the family. He was an orphan of peasant blood from a foreign nation, and as he was reaching puberty, it was also becoming quite clear to those around him that he was not interested in the fairer sex. Markos became ignored by his parents which caused him to plunge himself into his studies and his sword fighting. Eventually coming to the political conviction that the Order of Ma’at were tyrannical in nature and responsible for the death of his true parents due to the way they ran the Ottathamine Empire. Markos’ younger brother Ethan clearly looked up to him, but was forced by their parents to not associate too closely. In the end Markos and Ethan would spend time together in secret at night, talking and laughing, as well as Markos helping his unfortunately clumsy younger brother in his sword fighting skills.

Present Condition: Markos currently resides in the secret hideout with his of Knights, planning and enacting attacks on the Order, acting as the leader of the Patreayl Knights. The Order has been searching for their hideout, thought to be hidden among some rocks of the Midlands.

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