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Name: Sicilus Belvadere

Title: Monestere Belvadere

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Occupation: Scholar of biology, chemistry and herbology.

Culture: Patreaylin

Background: One of the few female scholars to ever be initiated into the Traveling Brothers of Science, Sicilus certainly equals her male counterparts, possibly even surpasses them. Born in the Lucian Plateau, Sicilus came to study at the Guild City university after the traveling brothers encountered her on a botanical field expedition and saw great potential in her when she was thirteen years old. Since that day, Sicilus has dedicated her life to the research of all things natural and unnatural in Täella-Oso. Specializing in herbology and biology, she has a fascination for all living creatures, although she is particularly interested in the mating rituals of the King Stag.

Present Situation: Sicilus can be found studying and experimenting with strange chemicals and herbs at the Guild City university, as well as working at her place of pride, the Zoological Gardens. She has been known to pay a handsome bit of Dram for those brave enough to bring her in the specimens she wishes to study.

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