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The PvP Arena is a new "battle royale" game mode introduced in the first Closed Alpha patch. Like the Hunger Games, a group of players starts off in the clearing of a forest. All players start on equal footing as Level 1 with only basic gear regardless of their character's progress in the "main world." You can choose to fight other players or to retreat to the forest. In the forest there are monsters to kill which will grant you XP and gear (to make you more powerful). Eventually all the players will fight each other and the game will end with the last person standing as the victor.

It is not always available to play.

Joining the Game

If the game is available to play, you will see a new icon on your Player Menu that looks like a magnifying glass. Tapping on it will give you the "PvP Arena" option, which you can then select and hit "Join Queue." Unlike the gameplay of the shared main world, Organized PvP games take place in separate instances that have no bearing on the main game; therefore, you do not need to travel to any particular place in the game world to access them. Note that once you are in the queue, you will see a new option appear on your menu labeled "Arena", tapping that will show you the current status of the queue (such as "2/4 Players Found"). Once a game has been found for you, you will automatically join that game.

Do not join the queue unless you are prepared to join the game any time. If you join the queue and you are in the middle of a dungeon, for example, you will be yanked out of the dungeon when the game starts.

Joining while in a group has no effect on the queue, you will still join as an individual. However, right now the queue just fills up as people join it, so if you want to play with friends you can all just join at the same time and you will likely get into the same game most of the time.

Playing the Game

Once you are in the game, you will start in a large open clearing surrounded by other players. Everyone beings the game as "bandits", that is hostile to each other. All players may freely attack each other at any time.

You always start off as a Level 1 character, with only the basic weapons for each Discipline in your inventory. You will always start as a Ranger, although you can switch weapons to become a different class at any time. Your level and inventory from the main game world do not carry over into the Arena.

The winner of the game is the last person standing. It's up to you to decide if you want to take on others immediately, or retreat into the forest to stage a later attack.

Leveling Up and Gaining Gear

The map for the Arena is approximately half the size of a normal OrbusVR zone at 0.5 square kilometers. It features dense forest throughout, as well as monsters which range from Level 1 near the starting area to Level 3 further out. You can attack these monsters just like in the main game to acquire gear and level up your character. The maximum level you can currently reach is Level 4. There is a heavy XP bonus in place for the Arena so it does not take very long to level up.

Losing or Winning

You lose the game if you die, either to a monster or another player. You win if you are the last person standing. The game will notify you whenever someone in the arena dies, and also notify you if you are the last person left. If you want to give up and quit the game, then use the "To Graveyard" option under the Seettings -> Bug Fixers menu to kill yourself and that will allow you to leave the game.

Once you die, you will become a ghost. If you press the Reawaken button, you will go back to the last place you were in the main game world. The XP and gear you gained in the Arena does not carry forward out of the game.


  • The classes have not been balanced for solo PvP. It's entirely possible that some will be overpowered. Since you can choose to play as any class and start off on equal footing, this is considered fine for now. Eventually we may make an effort to balance the classes for solo PvP, but in general the PvP balance is based on group combat.
  • This is incredibly untested, so there may be bugs. If anything happens to you (you get stuck, you end up in mid air after you enter the game and can't move, etc.) just close your OrbusVR client and restart it. You will be back in the main game world where you last were.
  • This game mode will not be available all the time. We are trying different types of Organized PvP to see what's fun and what isn't.

Future Plans

Here's some thoughts we have for what we'd like to do for this in the future:

  • The monsters should level up while the game progresses, and the Level cap for the players should be higher. So you would need to be gaining at least some XP as you play to "keep up". The monster types might also change as the game progresses.
  • There should be ratings, a leaderboard, a scoreboard at the end of each game, etc.
  • We'd like to introduce advanced gameplay besides just combat; for example, you might be able to Fish and get potions or something like that.
  • Right now there's no time limit on the game so if people avoid each other the game may become boring. The monsters leveling up could help with that. For now if you get bored just use the To Graveyard option to leave the game.
  • You should be notified when the queue "pops" and have the option to join the game or leave the queue.
  • There should be a group of Loot Bags in the middle of the clearing where the players start to encourage players to fight at the beginning of the game.