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Every adventurer in OrbusVR gets their own personal house which is "instanced." This means that although multiple players may have the same entrance to their home in the game world, when they enter the house they will always see their own personal house.

Acquiring a House

By default when you start the game you will have a personal house located in Highsteppe, the beginning village. It's the last house on the right as you're facing Cenn's Farm, and it's labeled 'Your House' on the Player Compass.

Entering Your House

To enter your house, just walk up to the front door, then grab the door handle by hovering your hand over it (with your weapon sheathed) and pressing the Grip button to grab the door knob. Then just pull the door toward you to open it. The door will swing open and then you will teleport into the house interior after a brief loading screen.

Activities in Your House

Inside your house on the first floor you will find an alchemy station and a station for crafting lures.

Changing Your House

If you acquire a Housing Deed you can use it to change the location of your house in-game. For example, acquiring the House Deed for the Guild City Northern House would allow you to change your housing entrance to the Guild City near the docks. The size of the interior of your house will also change depending on the house that you choose, but the interior look of the house other than the size will not currently change. Note that the House Deed system is not currently in-game so you can't change the location of your house currently during the Alpha.