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Most content in OrbusVR is intended for players to tackle together in small parties of 2-5 people. Battle disciplines are carefully designed to encourage teamwork. Players may find their skills insufficient when fighting alone, but indispensable when fighting as a group.


In addition to its use as a navigational tool, the Player Compass facilitates intra-party communication via Party Voice chat. When held to the mouth, the Compass lights up, indicating that its Party Voice mode has been activated. Then, by speaking into the Compass, the player's voice will be broadcast across any distance (even across zones) to the rest of the Party.[1]

Implementation in the Most Recent Test

To invite another player to join a group, just open up your Player Menu, and then select their name from the Nearby Players option (the top-most one) and choose "Invite".

Once they are in your group, their name will appear green to you. In addition, if they drop below 30% health, they will have a red outline.

You must join a group with another player if you want to enter the Dungeon at the same time.[2]



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