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Arena Combat

OrbusVR will feature organized PvP in the form of arena fights (not guaranteed for launch.)[1]

The Grand Tournament

Riley Dutton, lead dev, describes another form of organized PvP being planned for post-launch:

That said, we also have a bigger vision for a thing called the "Grand Tournament." ... Basically the idea behind this is that it's an organized tournament where a small group of people (eight?) are dropped into a free-for-all arena that has both other players and PvE content to contend with. You start at level 1 with only basic gear, and then it's up to you to hunt down monsters and take them on to get gear drops and level up. At the same time there are other players to contend with who might be trying to attack you, or maybe you can trust them to pair up and take things down together...etc.

Then I'm hoping that we can turn it into a spectator sport where people can gather in the game who aren't in the tournament to watch the action and cheer on the players. [2]


The PvP and PvE gear is not separate.[3]



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