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There will not be a traditional “global” auction house. Rather, there will be market stalls available for rent in each major location. This is to encourage more social interaction and provide a world where the price of goods can fluctuate between different regions. Ideally, this will encourage players to develop relationships with merchants as they learn who has what offerings at which locations.

Example: A player interested in purchasing healing potions would need to go to a market area, find a merchant selling the desired potion, and then decide if the price point is acceptable.

Additional Details

  • Players can purchase a permit to occupy a merchant stall and set up a shop to sell their wares (even when they’re not around). It will be up to the merchant player to acquire tradable items worth selling.
  • The current plan is to have a 'market area' in several major cities in the game, so that each zone (other than the Wilds) has at least one market area.
  • Permits will be purchased with in-game currency and if you don’t earn enough to keep renting the stall, it will go to a different merchant.


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