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Market Stalls are located in markets throughout the world of OrbusVR, including Highsteppe, Guild City, and other major locations. They can be leased by players, who can then choose what items to offer for sale in them and set their own prices.

To purchase an item from a stall, simply walk up to the stall and wave at the NPC that is located behind the table. They will show you a listing of all the wares for sale. To purchase one, just tap on it and confirm your purchase. You will receive the item, assuming you have the dram to pay for it.

Managing a Stall

If you have leased a stall of your own, you will find that there is a special menu that appears next to the stall when you walk up to it. This menu allows you to set the prices of the items that are for sale. Note that prices are set on a per-slot basis, so if you move a valuable item around, be sure to set a new price for it in the menu!

To place items in the stall for sale, just open the chest below the stall's table and place items in there. You can offer up to twelve different items for sale at once. You can also leave stacks of items in a single slot -- they will be sold off one at a time for the price listed (each). So for example if you set the price of a Healing Potion at 50 dram, and have a stack of 50 Healing Potions, they would sell for 50 dram each until they are all sold out.

The menu will tell you at a glance how many of each item you have left "in stock" so you will know when you need to add more.

When someone buys an item from your stall, the money from the sale will be kept in your stall's inventory until you retrieve it. When that happens, your stall will contain a message at the top of the menu that says "Available Currency: X Dram." At that time you can press the "Withdraw" button to take the money out of the stall and add it to your inventory.

Leasing a Stall

Currently stalls are only available to those who have backed the game at the Merchant tier. After the game enters Early Access, you will have the option to lease a stall for in-game currency based on an auction system where you bid on the amount you are willing to pay to lease the stall. There will also be a minimum bid required.