Lord Rudolf

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Name: Rudolf Wender

Title: Lord Rudolf Wender, Senior Warg Hunter

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Occupation: Wolf Hunter of Wenderwood

Culture: Patreaylin

Background: In Wenderwood, life is a threatened existence. Because of its close situation to both the Lucian Plateau and the Wargarian Woodlands. Wenderwood is a town constantly under threat. This has given cause for an elite group of protectors known as the Warg Hunters of Wenderwood, men and women of a particular grit who can face the possessed wargs of the shaman tribes and keep safe their people. Rudolf is the current senior warg hunter and the oldest son of Wenderwood’s noble house, the house of Wender. His father was one of the most celebrated warg hunters in Wenderwood’s turbulent history. After seeing his father bleed to death after a particularly gruesome encounter with the Runic Warg Leader, Bezoula, Rudolf vowed his revenge and spent his remaining teenage years training to become the best Warg Hunter he could be. Now at the age of 29 he has risen the ranks, to become the leader of the group, a position that he does not take lightly.

Current Situation: Wenderwood is currently facing the largest threat of enemies that it has had in modern history. With an inexplicable increase in monsters and the Runic Wargs trying even harder to take the town, Wenderwood is fortifying its defenses, and enlisting any wary traveler they can convince. Rudolf knows that it won’t be long before the Runic Warg Bezoula launches an attack on their barriers, and he wants to be ready for it. He is training hard within the towns confines.

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