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Name: Kreyun Su Eshyion (Esh-Eye-On)

Title/s: Traveller Kreyun

Gender: Non-binary “They/Them/Their”

Age: 26

Occupation: Chief Warrior of the Desert Bedouin

Culture: Desert Bedouin

Background: Kreyun is not the leader of the Desert Bedouin. The Desert Bedouin’s have no leaders. Rather, they is the chief warrior for the tribe. They have no say over political aspects of the tribe, only over what their warriors do, who they attack and why. Kreyun spent their formative years in the Greater Obnobi Desert learning to survive in the harshest of conditions, before living in the coastal outlaw city of Reyu Va Ceron. Kreyun rose to power due to their ability to command like no other and install bravery and fierce loyalty in their soldiers.

Present Situation: Kreyun was last seen with their tribe of Desert Bedouin's spending time in the cave city of Balaam Fa Cheh, resting and enjoying the fruit of this season’s fungal harvests.

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