Kingsport Ruins

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The oldest human settlement in all Patreayl, Kingsport was once the capital of the country when it was ruled by a monarchy, thousands of years prior -hence the name King’s-Port. Situated on what was once a large island in the center of Kingsport Lake, Kingsport was an ancient city that’s entire economy revolved around the fish that they harvested from the waters. Known historically for its innovation in technology, Kingsport for a long time was the jewel of Patreayl. However, it lost its claim to fame when a catastrophic flood caused the lake to swallow up most of the city killing thousands. Many who survived chose to flee the area, claiming the cities destruction was due to a curse brought upon them by the allegedly “devil-worshiping monarchy.” They fled and eventually went on to found Guild City, while others fled to the Rainforest to found New Kingsport. However, some loyalists to the dead King remain to this very day on the tiny spit of land that was never swallowed by the waters, they are a foul, inbred group, unfriendly to outsiders. Rumors fly that they still practice pagan rituals and worship something that dwells deep beneath the water.

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