Hulthine's Vale

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Hulthine Vale is the ancestral home of the Hulthine Noble Family. An aristocratic family claiming to be descendants of the legendary Hulthine (although the validity of this claim is greatly in question). The Hulthine’s once ruled from this small castle located on the outskirts of Hulthine’s Gate, across the lake from The Twins, for whom they acted as the rulers for. The estate now sits in disrepair, a ruin of its former self. The present condition of the Hulthine Vale came to be when Lord Derreth’s youngest son, Oscar Hulthine joined the rebel Patreayl Knights, and alongside their leader tried to force him to provide food and weapons for their military force. Derreth predictably refused, resulting in Oscar strangling the old man to death. Oscar was forced to flee the estate, now guilty of Patricide, leaving his mother to her dead husband. Lady Hulthine was driven half mad by the knowledge of what her youngest had done, and although she still remains in the castle, she is a shadow of her former self. Oscar’s four older brothers are now either dead or working for the Order in the Ottathamine Empire, so far away that they are unaware of what has happened to their once proud family.

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