Greater Lucian Wilds

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Beyond the forests of the Lucian Plateau begins the Greater Lucian Wilds, a vast area of land made up of open meadows, small forests and towering rock formations. The legend goes that the hero Hulthine split open the Patreayl Ranges in the eastern point of central Patreayl so to lead a conquest over the rest of the country. However, it wasn’t until the time of Sara Lucian that the area was truly explored. Sara Lucian, an academic at University Island completed several explorations in this area in his younger years, and as he grew older, funded many more expeditions into the land. The area was given the name The Greater Lucian Wilds in his honor when he died under mysterious circumstances.

Adventures need to be wary, as the Order does not patrol this area anymore, so bandits can be found hiding in the shadows. (Open World PVP Area) Return to Main Page