Greater Lamavoria Wilds

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The Greater Lamavora Wilds is a large area of land that borders the Patreayl Rainforest and the Lamavora Mountain Range. This land is a land soaked in blood. For centuries several of the gypsy tribes of the country Lamavora have attempted to control this land, and have done so by brutally killing any Patreayl Citizen that they have encountered in the land. While the larger Gypsy tribes of Lamavora have officially denounced the actions of these smaller, more violent tribes, they only ever do the bare minimum to stop the bloodshed from continuing. Leaving many in Patreayl to believe that the larger tribes secretly side with the smaller ones attempting to control the land, but that they will not officially declare war on Patreayl for political and economic reasons. They need an alliance with Patreayl, no matter how shaky, as Patreayl’s thriving mineral deposits are purchased by the Lamavora capital The City of Lights and transported through this land into their country. As such, a traveller through the Greater Lamavora Wilds can expect to come across not only ruthless gypsy bandits, but also bandits looking for an easy target. The Lamavora Frontier is also the sight of several ancient and mysterious ruins, the builders of these mysterious ruins remain hidden within the shadows of history, although many historians (especially those influenced by Janist theory) believe the Lamavora Frontier to be the cradle of human civilization and that the ruins belong to some primordial race of beings that used to rule the continent.

Adventures need to be wary, as the Order does not patrol this area anymore, so bandits can be found hiding in the shadows. (Open World PVP Area) Return to Main Page