General Clavacius

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Name: Xavier Clavacius the third

Title: General of the Ma’at Army

Gender: Male

Age: late 40s

Occupation: General/Soldier

Culture: Citizen of the Ottathamine Empire.

Background: A somewhat bumbling and easily angered man, General Clavacius rose to power when the previous Bishop Archibald of Guild City reigned supreme. Xavier was in fact the younger brother of Archibald, and through his family ties, was made the head of the Order’s military power in the Midlands. Xavier, though he may be quick to anger and not as strategic minded as he would like to think, he is fuelled by a seemingly unquenchable ambition, and hopes to see Guild City become a military state, under his complete and total power.

Current Situation: His dreams are currently under threat with the arrival of Bishop Roma. As such, General Clavacius is growing increasingly anxious to prove himself, which only makes him that more reckless.

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