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Perhaps the most famous landmark in the Lamavora Frontier is the Frontier Pools otherwise known as the Lamavora Hotsprings. These pools are located amongst the rocky, tree covered mountainous area near the “safe zone” of the Lamavora Frontier. The Pools are a popular tourist destination for travelling nobles, due to the therapeutic and healing abilities of the water. The water is tinted a beautiful yellow, green and blue due to various chemical reactions that come from the minerals that hide deep beneath the ground. It is believed by the Traveling Brothers of Science that these minerals are also what give the pools their healing power. Although the Lamavora Frontier is traditionally a very dangerous place to reside, that doesn’t stop the tourist trade here, and over the past few centuries several shops, food places and log cabins have sprouted up around the pools to cater to those travelling here for their holidays. The Pools due to their healing abilities have been over the years, hotly contested land by the bandit tribes and the people of Patreayl and Lamavora. However, Patreayl and Lamavora have in alliance, held the land together, mostly through the military force of The Order of Ma’at to keep this area of the landscape well protected. The Order, as payment, use the water in their religious ceremonies without thought for it running out, or how their tapping of the water will affect the environment or the local wild life that depend on the pool for survival during the colder winter months.

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