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Fishing can be a very relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Casting your line, reeling it in, and hoping for a bite. The true Fisherman, however, understands the challenge of catching the most elusive and valuable fish -- hidden treasures in the lakes and rivers all around us.

Those rising to the highest challenge will need to craft lures from bone and fur, travel to the forgotten corners of the realm, and wait for the perfect moment to coax their prize from the water.[1]


The Fisher is a crafting discipline with a fishing pole that can...go fishing! Once you've received your "Beginner Rod", head out to the nearest body of water (Kingport Lake is located directly below the Highsteppe plateau)



To fish, just use the fishing pole controller to cast out your bobber, by pressing down on the trigger, then releasing while in the motion of casting your line (just like using the 'button' on a real fishing pole). If your bobber lands in the water, you'll see a splash effect and your line will appear. If you hit land, your line will 'break' and your bobber will disappear -- you can then try again.

Waiting or Reeling

Once your bobber is in the water, use your free Hand controller to grab the reel on the fishing pole (holding the Grip button). Then just make a reeling motion by circling your hand around the reel to reel in the line. You can also just let your bobber naturally float toward shore, if you don't mind waiting a little longer. Either way you have the same chance at catching a fish, the only difference is how many "casts" you are getting per hour.

Bite! Tough, then Reel

If you're lucky, while you're reeling in the line you will get a bite. If that happens you'll feel a heavy rumble on your controller together with a splash effect by the bobber. Jerk back on the pole to hook the fish before it gets away! Then reel your bobber to the shore to get your fish. If you don't hook it in time, you'll get a message saying the fish got away. While reeling in the fish, pay attention to the color of your line...if it gets too red, the line will snap, causing you to lose the fish along with your lure breaking. Reeling in the fish is a balance between not reeling, in which case the fish will jerk on the line and possibly get too far away from shore, and reeling in the fish, which increases line tension and could cause the line to break. Your best bet is to alternate between reeling and waiting.


Once the bobber is back at the shore, either with a fish attached or with nothing, you can re-cast the fishing pole to try again. You'll probably have to try several times before you catch your first fish. Once you do catch a fish, you'll be shown the fish you caught, and it will appear in your inventory as an item that can be used in crafting. A Journal page will also be added to your Player Journal with some information about the fish, and your heaviest caught fishing record.

Broken lure

Tossing your lure will lower the durability of your lure, and once your lure reaches 0 durability, your lure will break. Also if you reel too quickly, causing your line to turn deep red, and snap your line your lure will automatically break.

But don't worry. Just scrap the old one (selecting the icon in your player inventory and pressing the delete button below) and make a new, and your good to go again.

Crafting Lures

Crafting lures is a key part to mastering Fishing in OrbusVR. The type of lure that you use affects the type of fish that will be attracted to it, increasing your chances of catching rarer and more valuable fish.

Lure Parts

Currently, each lure may be created with between 1 and 3 ingredients. Ingredients for lures can be found by simply killing monsters out in the world, or trading with other players. Right now there are 10 lure parts that are available: Lesser Eye, Small Tongue, Small Tooth, Blue Scales, Feathers, Rotten Finger, Bloody Flesh, Shinny Metal, Large Minnow (must be caught, not dropped from monsters), Eye Worm. Once you have collected some lure parts, you're ready to make a lure!

Lure Crafting Station

Inside of your Player House you will find a new Lure Crafting Station. It's to the left right when you come in through the front door. There, you will see a table, with a stand with an empty hook on it, as well as a small chest underneath the table. To begin, open the small chest and deposit the lure parts that you have collected into it. Upon doing so, you will see that the lure parts will appear on top of the table as 3D objects.

Close the chest, walk over and grab the lure part with a free hand (using the Grip button), and place it on the empty hook. You will now see it appear on the hook! You can place up to three different ingredients on the same hook. You cannot put the same ingredient on the hook multiple times.

Once you are finished making your lure, simple press the "Finish" button on the menu that appears next to the stand. You will see a crafting effect, and then the lure will reset back to empty. If you check your Inventory, you'll see that the crafted lure is now in your inventory. The icon for all Lures look the same, but you can view the tool tip to determine what type of Lure Parts are attached to each lure. If you make a mistake and wish to restart the process, just press the Cancel button in the menu.

Using Lures

To use a lure, simply equip it into the bottom-center spot of the equipment screen when you have equipped your pole. After you equip a lure, you'll see it appear on your pole, including with the specific parts you created it with. You can also hover your finger over a lure in your inventory screen to review what parts that lure was created with.

The lure that you built directly affects the type of fish that you can catch. To catch fish, you'll need to have the right lure, and go to the right location in the world.

Known Fish

A couple of known fish and their locations and lures to get you started:

Sunfish: A very common fish which can be found in bodies of water in the first zone, such as Kingsport Lake. Reacts to the Lesser Eye, Small Tongue and large minnow.

Green Bellied Bass: A common fish which can be found in the lakes around Highsteppe and near the Corner Path. Reacts well to the Small Tongue and Small Tooth.

Katyharan Catfish: A common fish which can be found in the waters near Guild City. Reacts to Small Tooth.

Large Minnow: A common fish known to swim in the waters near other schooling fish including Bass and Catfish and is used on the Lures to entice larger fish to bite. Reacts to Small Tooth, Small Eye and Small Tongue.

Legendary Fish

There is rumored to be Legendary fish in the world of Orbus. They are hard to find, even harder to catch, and have been known to move between bodies of water.



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