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"Fellowships" is a collection of players striving towards a common goal in Orbus. These will be the players you spend alot of your in game time with (if you choose to join a fellowship). It is not required to join a Fellowship in Orbus to participate in the gameplay.

In order to form a Fellowship, players will need a Fellowship Certificate. Fellowship Certificates can be purchased at the "Odds and Ends" NPC Vendor inside the market district of Guild City. Once you have Fellowship Certificate you can visit the Fellowship Registrar near the Fellowship Hall entrance in Guild City to create your Fellowship. As the players inside your fellowship gain XP, from completing quests or killing mobs, your fellowship also gains XP. Once high enough you can upgrade your fellowship to the next level. To do so you return to the Fellowship Registrar with another Fellowship Certificate and apply to level up your current fellowship.

(Note: You may only belong to one fellowship at a time)

Fellowship Tiers

  • Level 1- up to 10 memebers
  • Level 2- up to 15 members; Use of your own instanced Fellowship Hall
  • Level 3- up to 20 memebers
  • Level 4- up to 25 memebers
  • Level 5- up to 30 members

Note:There is not currently a level above 5


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