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  • Question- None of my spells are casting, it seems like the recognition software is broken?
    • Answer- It takes many hours to preform and hundreds to master the drawings that are vital to every Runecaster. Here is a handy Runemage FAQ to help you along the way. Another great resource are other Runemages in game, they can help guide and teach you the intricacies of the class, don't be afraid to ask for help. And higher level players wont be afraid to hold impromptu magic classes in the middle of town.
  • Question- There is someone annoying me in game, how do I mute them?
    • Answer- If you open your player menu and go to the "Nearby Player" tab (looks like a silhouette) you should see the persons name in the list. Select their name and click Mute, this will cause their voice broadcasting to stop and their hands to disappear for you.

Note: If you are being harassed in-game you can press both Menu buttons at the same time to activate your "Personal Bubble". This will mute everyone in game and hide their hands for 5 minutes allowing you time to Mute and Report those harassing you. If you are being harassed and are not able to use the in- game report function (found below the mute button when selecting a player in the Nearby Player menu), you can exit the area, and once safe PM any of the developers on the Community Forums [1], or send an email to the developers at [email protected]

  • Question- I logged into the game and I appear in a black void, what do I do?
    • Answer- If you open your player menu, and select the settings tab (looks like a gear) you will see a "Return to graveyard" option. Select this and you will "Die" and respawn at the nearest graveyard. This seems to fix any of the disconnect issues that are being tracked down.
  • Question- I fought a monster and am no longer in combat with it but my health and movement speed never returned to normal?
    • Answer- Go to your inventory and make sure you aren’t exceeding your carrying capacity (Numbers on the lower left of your inventory screen). If not, open the player menu, and select the settings tab (looks like a gear), you will then see a "Stuck Combat" button. Selecting this will remove you from combat and return you to normal. This button can only be used once every 10 minutes.
  • Question- I wandered into the wrong area and got killed by higher level monsters, how do I get back?
    • Answer- Inside your player inventory is a Teleportation Device (Blue puck with globe on it). If you equip this to either one of your tool slots on your player, it will appear on your belt. Hold this for 10 seconds and it will teleport you back to the interior of your player house. Entering into combat will break the cycle and not allow the device to work. There is a 20 minute cool down on this device.
  • Question- I can't find any Main story quests in game, where do I look?
    • Answer- You can find a complete list of the quests in game here Quests, if you are not able to find the answer go to the Community Forums [2] and post a topic to get help from the Developers.
  • Question- I played for a while and gained up to level 6, but now they are all gone?
    • Answer- Each battle discipline has its own independent levels. So for example if you play as a Ranger and level up to 6, but then switch to the Warrior you will then be whatever level your warrior was. This applies to quest XP also. If you turn in a quest as a Fisher, instead of the Ranger, your Fisher will gain that XP instead.
  • Question- My dragon shows different traits then its outwardly appearance?
    • Answer- Dragons acquired from the Backer tiers of Kickstarter, and Sicilus Beastiary quests can still be used in Dragon Breeding. The first time they are placed in the terrarium they will be assigned traits. These traits will not match the outward appearance of the dragon. For example: The Epic Founder dragon is yellow but will be assigned Primary color traits of (Brown,Red).
  • Question- Where do I go to buy a dragon?
    • Answer- The "Dragon Shop" NPC sells basic dragons at the Zoological Gardens to the NW of Highsteppe. Rarer dragons may be bought off Dragon Breeders (Players) in game.
  • Question- Can I re-roll my affixes on my weapon?
    • Answer- Yes, simply equip the weapon you want to re-roll into your weapon slot, and apply a Shard equal to the weapon’s value (Shards are gained by breaking down unneeded weapons). An epic level weapon breaks down into a "Major Shard". To apply the shard to the weapon select it from your player inventory and click on the equipped weapon you wish to re-roll.
  • Question- How do I apply dye to my gear?
    • Answer- With the item equipped on your player, select the dye from the inventory screen and click on the equipment you wish to dye. There will be a confirmation window appear, click accept and the dye will be applied. Applying a dye over and existing dye will overwrite the previous dye if it is the same type. Applying a Major dye over a Major dye, but this will not affect the Accent dye.
  • Question- I have a weapon with better attack on it, but another with better affixes? Is there a way I can combine the two?
    • Answer- Head to Guild City and speak with the "Infusion Specialist" NPC. You can place the equipment you wish to keep with the better affixes on the top, and the equipment with the better stats below and combine the two.






Note: Although the WMR headsets are not officially supported yet, the only known bugs with them is the rumble (vibration) of the controllers not working properly

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