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The Explorers League is a famous faction known throughout all of Patreayl. Run almost entirely by women, it was formed by the country’s first explorer – Leisa Varathorn, a legendary figure who was said to have had a volatile love affair with the Barbarian Hulthine. The Explorer’s League’s purpose is self-explanatory. They travel the word, though they mostly restrict themselves to Patreayl, and explore. Delving into ancient tombs and temples, they collect interesting artifacts and catalogue them, before keeping them with their collection.

The League has been known from time-to-time to work with the Traveling Brothers of Science, doing the dirty work for the Universities historians and sending relics for study back to Guild City. In recent times however, the League has gone off on its own. The growing paranoia of The Order has meant that the League has found themselves not only being forbidden from exploring ancient Janist and pagan ruins, they’ve also found a lot of their work being stolen and destroyed by the religious rulers.

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