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Name: Ernest Trimm

Title: Master Fisherman

Gender: Male

Age: 53

Occupation: Fisherman, Writer, ex-sailor, ex-explorer

Culture: Patreaylin

Background: Ernest Trimm is perhaps one of the most unsung heroes of Patreayl. Known these days mainly for his blunt, staccato writings, found in several of Patreayl’s most popular novels, Ernest is now retired, and spends his days fishing by the side of Kingsport Lake. He does, however, have an incredibly colourful and exciting history. As a young man, he joined the Patreayl Navy and sailed across the western ocean to Ottathamine on a routine voyage. Once in Ottathamine, Ernest lost himself in the pleasures and guiles of its capital city - Elephantine. He was presumed dead by his fellow Mariners until he resurfaced several years later, having bet his vices of booze and women, now enlisted in the Octophian Legion, where he went to war against the the Ottathamine Empire, fighting alongside the small rebellious nation of Octophia in the far south-western deserts of Ottathamine. After that coup failed to achieve independence from the Empire, Ernest was captured, and scheduled to be executed for treason, when he invoked his right as a Patreaylin citizen to be tried in his home country. The Ottathamine government in Elephantine reluctantly agreed and deported him back to Patreayl. Once in Patreayl, Ernest was tried and instead of execution, was sent to serve fifteen years in the sweltering prison camps that existed during that time in the Patreayl Rainforest. As part of his sentence, he was made to lead dangerous expeditions through the jungle, keeping safe settlers on their way to the various villages, miners looking to plunder the jungles near untouched resources, and rich young men who wanted to feel the thrill of hunting some of the biggest, most dangerous beasts in the Rainforest.

After his fifteen-year sentence was fulfilled, Ernest, now 45 returned to the Midlands and began to fish for a living. Not only was he very talented in this task - captaining fishing trawlers across the lochs of Patreayl, as well as the surrounding oceans, Ernest was also well known for being able to keep his men entertained through telling elaborate tales of his adventures.

At some point, a fellow sailor suggested that Ernest write a book of his adventures, and so he tried his hand it this. He was almost immediately shut down by Erin Von Leustron, the representative for the writer’s Guild in Guild City, who believed Ernest’s work to be “too crass, too modern” but Ernest pushed ahead anyway, self-publishing his first novel about a wrongfully accused prisoner, committed to the Rainforest prisons, and found quite a large audience in the common people of Patreayl.

Present Situation: Currently, at 53 years of age, Ernest has now published three novels, each have been overwhelmingly successful. He doesn’t let the success get to his head however. Rather, he stays grounded and down to earth by continuing to fish, most days by Kingsport Lake. He has been known from time to time, to take of a fishing apprentice, though he is a tough teacher.

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