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Unless otherwise noted, all info on this page comes from https://blog.orbusvr.com/weekly-dev-blog-design-doc-dungeons-and-instancing/

Four dungeons are planned for launch. The entrances to all four dungeons are in the max-level "Wilds" zones. Players are advised to tackle these dungeons in groups, as even attempting to reach them alone may be deadly.

Instanced or Open-World?

OrbusVR blends instanced and open-world style dungeons together.

  • Instanced areas can be fine-tuned to provide a challenge to a group of a specific size.
  • Open-world areas keep players connected to the larger community and better convey the epic scale of an MMO adventure.

Dungeons in OrbusVR

Dungeons are open-world, massive locations with connections to smaller "wings," which are instanced locations. ('Instanced' here meaning that when a party enters a wing, that location will exist only for them.)

  • Wings are designed to be 20-30 minute experiences.
  • The typical dungeon will have 3 or 4 wings.
  • A wing may feature a few groups of enemies and a boss fight, or it be some other kind of special challenge that requires a small group to tackle.
  • Clearing a wing rewards your group with loot, as well as a special "token" that is unique to that dungeon.

Back in the large, open-world portion of the dungeon, players will find a central boss area. Here, the dungeon boss can be summoned to challenge -- but only when enough token are brought together.

  • It may take 3-4 group's worth of token to summon the boss.
  • These dungeon boss fights are some of the most challenging in the game, designed for 15-20 players to participate in.
  • Likewise, the loot from winning these fights may be some of the best.

Raids & World Bosses

Although unlikely to make it in for launch, larger group content is planned.

Additionally, hidden 'World Bosses' may be challenged in the Wilds, but players will need to first discover how to summon them.

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