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Most Recent Implementation

As for the most recent, Beta playtest, death behaved as follows:

  • If you die, you will become a ghost, and the entire world will become grayed out.[1]
  • There is two ways to be resurrected. One is to have a Runemage cast the Resurrection spell costing, the other way to resurrect than just going to the nearest graveyard, and small durability penalty. So just hit the "Reawaken" button after you die to resurrect.[2]

Future Design

The following details have been published describing how death might work in future iterations.

  • If you die in the Wilds, your tradable items will be dropped for others to loot.[3]
  • Once you've died, you will need to return to your corpse before a timer expires (described as your "tombstone.") If you don't reach the corpse before the tombstone expires, you will suffer a loss of durability to your gear.[4] (This is likely just an example of what might happen: "We're still making a final determination on the death penalty, in terms of if it will be a durability loss, a debuff over time, or some other mechanic."[5])
  • The exception to this rule concerns dungeons. If you die while in a dungeon instance, you respawn at the entrance to the instance, not outside it.[6]
  • Players who have died and not yet chosen to be respawned may be resurrected by a Runemage using the Resurrection ritual.
  • If you die while possessing a 'Bandit' status, you respawn in the Jail, locating in the first game zone. Otherwise, you will respawn in the nearest town Graveyard.[7]



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