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Local Chat

By default Voice Chat is enabled, so be sure that on your PC your Input device is set to your Vive or Rift microphone (it shows up as 'USB Device' for me). There are options in the Player Menu to disable your own voice chat, or to mute other players. The Voice Chat is currently only proximity based, so you will hear people nearby and not hear people far away. Just talk in a normal inside voice, there's no need to shout.[1]

Speaking at a Distance

In addition to serving as your guide to the key points of each area, the Compass will also show you the locations of all your group members (as long as they're in the same zone as you). Finally, our plan is to allow you to "speak" into the Compass and talk with your party members no matter where they are. So you can hold it and speak into it (turns red when broadcasting), or it's always available near your shoulder so you can turn your head to the left and speak to your party anytime. We'll also be adding some in-game UI functionality to it so you can see a list of your party members or your guild, and it will be a key object for interacting with the world in general.[2]



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