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Name: Petra Fassith

Title: High Commander Fassith of the Order of Ma’at

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Occupation: Soldier

Culture: Patreaylin

Background: One of the few women in the Order’s elite Enforcers, Petra Fassith is a shrewd and cruel woman. She has become that way through years of having to be tougher and nastier than all the men around her. Starting from the very bottom, and from a peasant family, Petra has made quite the name for herself by rising through the ranks, to be eventually made High Commander of the Order’s elite forces - The Enforcers. Petra has fought hard to get where she is today, and will fight tooth and nail to keep her position. Her hostility towards anyone she deems a threat has become a thing of Enforcer legend, and although she sees herself as loyal to the cause, her weakness is her arrogance. Petra is also very pious, a true believer of the Order, she was hugely upset to watch Bishop Archibald usurped from his throne in Guild City and replaced by Roma.

Present Situation: Petra Fassith currently resides in Guild City near the Order’s headquarters in University Island.

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