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Player characters are created in-game allowing players to choose their avatars skin tone, face, eyes and hair style along with hair color. Players are also encouraged to enter a character name in accordance with the OrbusVR naming policy.[1] When you reach Lvl 20 in one class on your character you can "Petition" the developers for a Surname (attached behind your first name), by contacting them via the Community Forums, but only those that adhered to the OrbusVR naming policy will be granted Surnames on a case by case basis. Once a player has a surname they can choose to let other Lvl 20's share their surname (Like a true close family). One important note is that once you adopt a Surname, it is permanently attached to your character (or anyone you allow to use the surname) so there is no way to revoke a Surname once you allow another player to adopt it. The thinking behind this is that you may join/quit Fellowships over the course of your Orbus lifetime, but players that you share a Surname with are your Family, that will always be there with you through your adventures. This also allows others to easily identify the "Families" in game.

Character Slots

While every character is capable of developing every discipline, players will be able to have two characters on one OrbusVR account.


All characters in OrbusVR are multi-discipline by default. In order to select your active discipline, equip a weapon of the appropriate type. For example, in order to switch to the Runemage discipline, just equip a wand. Switch back to Warrior by equipping a sword.


You will start at level 1 in each Discipline. You gain XP for that Discipline with each monster you kill or quest you complete. So for example, if you are currently a Ranger, your Ranger level goes up. If you switch to a Warrior by equipping a sword, your level will switch as well, and you'll now apply your XP toward becoming a higher-level Warrior.


Characters possess the following core attributes:

  • Primary
    • Attack
    • Armor
  • Secondary
    • Critical Hit
    • Magical Defense
    • Physical Defense
    • Wisdom
    • Speed
    • Vitality
    • Strength
    • Intellect

Character stats are dependent on gear. The two primary stats are Attack and Armor; these are linked to gear tier level, i.e., with max-level gear, all characters of the same discipline will have the same or nearly the same Attack and Armor stats. The secondary stats, however, will vary among gear items of the same tier. This allows players to tailor their character's stats to better fit their playstyle.

Gear stats can be further modified via the Artificing discipline.

Additional Talents

As characters level up, they unlock access to Talent skills. At level 5 you will be able to choose your first set of skills. To select the skill open your Player Menu, then select the Backpack icon to open the Inventory screen. On the left side (player equipment screen) you will see a "Talent" tab on the top of the window. There you may select which talent you want, but once a selection is made you must drink a "Potion of Forgetfulness", which can be bought from the NPC vendor in Guild City, to reset your selection. You receive your next talent at levels 10,15, and the final talent at 20.

The maximum level for each Discipline is currently Lvl 20, which will take around 60 hours to achieve for the average player on one discipline.

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