Brother Pavara

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Name: Pavara of the Henge

Title/s: Brother Pavara

Gender: Male

Age: 39

Occupation: Chief Assassin for the Brotherhood

Culture: Lamavoran Gypsy

Background: Hailing from Lamavora, from the Gypsy tribe living in the ruins of an ancient stonehenge, Pavara was outcast from his caravan at 19 after he murdered the man who had stolen from his Mother. Pavara wandered for several years around his country, and eventually found his way across the border into the Patreayl Rainforest where he quickly joined the elite guild of Assassins that dwelt there known as The Brotherhood. Pavara rose to the top very quickly, his complete lack of empathy coupled with his high charismatic nature made him the perfect assassin as he could befriend both Kings and Peasants alike, getting in close and killing them before anyone would know what was happening. At 27 Pavara was crowned the Chief Assassin for the Brotherhood - the youngest leader the guild had ever had, and he has been leading them into riches ever since.

Present Situation: Pavara has just returned from a contract in the Ottathamine Empire, and is looking to take a bit of a break by residing at the Brotherhood’s headquarters and delegating contracts out to his subordinates. The Brotherhood care of nothing and will typically only work for a high price.

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