Boss Ngathu

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Name: Cetheron F’tugnu re Ngathu

Title: “Boss” Ngathu

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown - could be young, could be quite old

Occupation: Head of the Ngathu Crime Family in Reyu Fa Ceron

Culture: Obnobi bandit clan

Background: Cetheron Ngathu is an enigma. It is said that no man has seen his face and survived. Keeping it covered in blood red scarves and robes, Cetheron is perhaps one of the most feared Crime Lords in all Patreayl. He’s so dangerous that tales of his exploits have made it all the way to the Midlands, where even the Patreaylin Midlanders fear him. Cetheron is almost always referred to as “Boss Ngathu” and he is the head of the Ngathu Crime Family, situated in the Ceron district of the dangerous desert port city of Reyu Fa Ceron, located in the bay at the edge of the Glass Ocean.

Present Situation: Boss Ngathu’s is known to have a hand in the underbelly of the Midlands...

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