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Name: Bezoula

Title/s: Papa

Gender: Male

Age: 40s

Occupation: Master Rune Warg

Culture: Patreaylin

Background: Bezoula is the somewhat psychotic leader of a small but powerful pagan tribe dwelling in the tribal village of Ithecac in the Lucian Plateau. He and his tribe are what is known as Runic Wargs – Patreayl’s native first peoples who have long boasted an affinity with the Wargs that dwell in the forests and among the hills. Bezoula’s tribe is incredibly hostile in nature, they are considered by “civilized” Patreaylins to be more animal than human at this point, believing them to live solely for bloodshed and the cannibalism. Though these fears are for the most part a huge and racist exaggeration, it is true that Bezoula and his tribesmen do not take kindly to strangers, especially not those from the Midlands or anyone in relation to the Order of Ma’at as the Order guards have hunted his people like beasts for as long as he can remember, possibly even longer.

Present Situation: Bezoula currently resides somewhere in the Lucian Wilds, ruling over his people. Bezoula is also actively sending his Runic Wargs to attack Lord Rudolf at his town in Wenderwood.

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